Seven Strategic Actions To Deal With Change And Uncertainty In Business And Life
By Glenn Ebersole

Dealing with and handling change and uncertainty is one of the major challenges each of us faces in today’s world. And we face it in our business and personal lives. It can be said that change and uncertainty arrive together and that most people find it much more difficult to manage and endure ambiguity and waiting than to deal with changes as they happen. And, in my opinion, on thing is certain – each of us will face some type of change and uncertainty at multiple times during our life. So, what are some strategic actions we can take to deal with this change and uncertainty? Your Strategic Thinking Business Coach researched this question and developed seven (7) strategic actions to recommend dealing with change and uncertainty in business and life.

The seven (7) strategic actions are:

Strategic Action #1: Adopt an attitude that accepts and welcomes change and uncertainty as the catalysts for endless opportunities in your business life and personal life.

Strategic Action #2: Develop an understanding that “our thoughts” create “our reality” and that “our thoughts” will actually drive our response to situations. Negative thinking really weakens our creativity, problem-solving abilities, and our immune systems. Therefore, it is critical to think of all the possibilities of positive outcomes, rather than dwelling on the negative and problems.

Strategic Action #3: Develop a clear focused vision of the outcome(s) you are striving to reach, then proceed with passionate pursuit and deliberate intention to reach your vision and goals.

Strategic Action #4: Build an unbreakable spirit and use the awesome power of your spirit and its mysterious blend of emotional strength, energy, character, passion and “will” to defy all odds against reaching your vision and goals.

Strategic Action #5: Use the power of strategic thinking and keep the image of your vision in front of you at all times, instead of having your attention and efforts diverted toward the negative.

Strategic Action #6: Free yourself for your future by “letting go” of the negative and the past. Each of us on each of the days of our lives decides how we respond to life’s challenges. We have a choice to play the role of a victim and feel sorry for ourselves and seek pity, blame others and become very angry. Or we can choose to “let go” and look ahead for what positive things are yet to come.

Strategic Action # 7: Postpone your judgment about your today and your tomorrow until they become your yesterdays. Judge the present by taking advantage of viewing it through the clearer and more powerful lens of it being the past. I believe there is great truth and wisdom in saying that our tomorrows often look very different when they become our yesterdays.

Glenn Ebersole, Jr. is a multi-faceted professional, who is recognized as a visionary, guide and facilitator in the fields of business coaching, marketing, public relations, management, strategic planning and engineering.

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