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Convert past due and problem receivables into cash. Provide visibility into the process through our COLA (Client On Line Access System).  COLA give access to the entire file: Cash, Collector’s Notes and File Status.


Bells, whistles, innovation and connectivity are helpful enhancements. But at the end of the day it comes down to a collector and a debtor. Our collectors are professional, hard hitting but also good listeners. If a way can be found to convert the file to cash they will do it. The bulk of their compensation is tied to the money they bring in each week. If they cannot convert the file to cash it moves to the Pre Legal Department.

Pre Legal collectors bring a new voice to the file. They will work the file for two weeks. If not collected and the file qualifies, the Pre Legal collector will prep the file for placement with local counsel.


Upon recommendation of collector and authorization by creditor, we will settle within your guidelines.


In-house skip tracing department will attempt to locate debtors worldwide. If unsuccessful you have recourse to our Professional search options


Disputes are outlined in writing to creditor.


Collectors' files and contacts are reviewed by department manager each week.


Dollars collected are remitted 21 days from receipt of debtor's check.





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