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Our rates are easy to understand .
20% of dollars collected in house
30% of dollars collected by local counsel

Add 5% to each category if your debtor is an individual, or consumer

No fees on return of product
No minimum fees

The above rates apply to each individual commercial and consumer account. Fees are charged on each account collected or paid direct. Large claims and bulk placements may qualify for preferred rates. Call for information.

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Forwarding Service and Suit Fees

There are additional costs associated with legal action, including advance court costs (refunded when judgment is collected in full) and a suit fee not to exceed 10%. Suit is never filed without creditors' consent. If you don’t wish to sue, we will close the file at no cost to you. Unusual litigation may require an additional fee commensurate with legal work required. If a trial becomes necessary, counsel may require a separate and reasonable trial fee.


Unless otherwise instructed, TFC adds the legal rate of interest to every claim. Interest cannot always be collected. Often times it is used as leverage to collect the principal. When interest is collected, the st and ard fee schedule applies and the balance is remitted.



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