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This brochure tells our story. The following sections point you to the areas of maximum impact to help in your decision making.

Our rates are a straightforward 20% of dollars collected In House and 30% if an attorney is required for collection. If your debtor is a consumer, add 5% to each category.  There are no minimum fees, no fees for return of product and no additional fees for claims over a year old.

Technology and process innovations:  It takes more than competitive rates to win business. Your interaction with TFC is made easy by our innovative and simple to use COLA (Client On Line Access) system. COLA provides a secure view of your placements with regular status and progress updates on all open files via our website

TFC brings flexibility and professionalism to the table.  From our network of professional and aggressive collection lawyers to locator services and leading-edge technical personnel, we strive to anticipate your needs.  Our 50.3% recovery rate translates into competitive advantage and more dollars recovered.  As an indicator, graphs and tables are provided for comparison.  I am confident TFC provides the value and professional service you require.






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