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I am pleased to introduce TFC - Twenty-First Century Associates.  Created by industry professionals, TFC is your effective advocate on each and every file. We provide the time and resources to professionally assert your position. You have access to your files online.  Fees are simplified: A flat 20% of dollars collected in house, 30% legal; No charge for returns, no minimum fees.  A brief outline follows; to view details visit us at and click eBrochure.  

1. COLA Client On-Line Access Free, 24-hour live access to your files.  For a demo, visit our website at  Click the COLA button and then click COLA LOGIN. User ID 999000 Password: DEMO

2. REDUCE COSTS TFC reduces your collection costs. We make the calls and mail the letters. We put the time and effort into your past dues so you can concentrate on current and future business.  TFC provides more services to collect your outstanding A/R than you may have on your own, such as Skip Traces, Asset Searches and Places of Employment searches.  

3. LEGAL FILES - Collectors bring steady pressure for payment. If unsuccessful we use a network of collection lawyers, developed over twenty years that understand and counter debtor evasions. Each case is quarterbacked and followed to judgment and through execution.  

4. FEES Completive and straightforward: 20% of dollars collected In House and 30% if collected by local counsel absent litigation. Add 5% for consumer files. In all cases costs and fees are presented before litigation so you can decide to go forward or close the case at not cost to you. All fees are contingent: no collection, no fee. For further information visit our website: 

5. LIQUIDATIONS LITIGATION MANAGEMENT TFCs   Multi tiered approach to service differs from most other providers. TFC will handle portfolio liquidation; Follow up with collections in process; Payment application; Staff wind-down; Settlement negotiation.  

6.  SKIP TRACES AND ASSET PROFILES Location and asset information provided on basic and enhanced formats. See and click on the Skip/Asset link for pricing.


TFC - Twenty-First Century Associates

Howard Seares

Managing General Partner

201 678 1144 Phone ext 223

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