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November 2006
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There is certainly no time like Thanksgiving to let those whom you appreciate, know that you're thankful for them!
We wish to thank you for making 2006 a wonderful year for us!
We sincerely hope that your holiday is filled with family, friends and laughter!

Feeling Lost in the Desert? Consider Outsourcing
Here's a few thoughts to consider

If your company is considering Outsourcing all or Part of Your Collections Management, here are some reasons to do so ...Payables, payroll and other business functions are routinely outsourced at a recurring expense. So why not the all or part receivable process?
Unlike in-house staff that can be prone to watch a clock and let the job expand to the time allotted; an outsource company does not get paid unless they collect!

The Issue of Professional Service Receivables
Approx. 85% of Professional Services are though Credit Arrangements

This makes the service provider a credit grantor, much like department stores, oil companies, utilities and others. They differ, however, from most other credit grantors in a few ways:
In most cases, the patient/client uses the service provider as a last resort. Most would rather not have to use their services. In most cases patients/clients are limited in choice of provider and type service.

Liquidating Trust Structure Is Key to Maximizing Payouts
board meeting

Oct 1, 2006 (TMA HQ Chicago) The use of liquidating trusts in Chapter 11 reorganizations or other restructurings continues to grow. By segregating into a trust specific assets available for liquidation and eventual payment on creditors' claims, practitioners have created an effective tool for streamlining the confirmation of a plan of reorganization or an out-of-court restructuring.

Price Allocations in Section 363 Sale Asset Purchase Agreements
Are Implied Recoveries Carved in Stone or Sand?
William h

Oct 1, 2006 (TMA HQ Chicago) This article examines a latent issue that arises in a sale of a business as a going concern under Section 363 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code when multiple secured creditors have liens on different assets or bundles of assets and the net proceeds from the sale do not exceed the total lien amounts attached to those assets.

Again we hope you have a great holiday!

Warm Regards,

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