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Thank A Veteran For Your Freedom!
Support Our Troops! They Deserve Our Best!
May 2007
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As a certified Veteran owned company, we at TFC greatly appreciate the efforts of our fine servicemen and women, the sacrifices they've made and continue to make in the name of Freedom.

If you're a Veteran, we salute you and thank you for your contributions to our country.

TFC offers you the best in accounts receivable assistance, commercial, consumer , domestic, international, invoice collection, deduction management, profolio liquidations, skip / asset searches, complete or partial outsourcing of your AR.

TFC would like to serve as your strategic partner in the management of your receiveables.

What Are You Doing To Reduce Staff Turnover?
Eight Simple Tips to Reduce Turnover and Related Expenses

I wrote an article entitled "Is Staff Turnover Keeping you Poor? Costs and Affordable Solutions". The article identified eight simple tips to reduce turnover and related expenses. The tips detailed: 1. Involving staff in turnover reduction planning 2. Evaluating your hiring process 3. Addressing communication issues 4. Recognition and praise 5. Staff training and development 6. Positive relations among staff 7. Starting the campaign with successful actions 8. Tracking actions

How To Stop Email From Killing Your Productivity

Email is one of the greatest innovations of the online world, but if you're not careful it will suck up your time, and be a far detriment to your business than a benefit. Here are some tips for taming the email beast.

Detecting Synthetic Identity Fraud
If someone uses your Social Security number on a credit application, you might not find out about it. Not even if you checked your credit report.
FInger Print

Why? You could be a victim of synthetic identity fraud -- a rapidly growing type of ID fraud. Thieves literally create new identities either by combining real and fake identifying information to establish new accounts with fictional identities or create the new identity from totally fake information.

Asset Searching, Employment Verifications, Estate Searches....
Its important, but "who" has the time??! Don't let your money be left hanging out to dry!! Be the Star You Are!
Hanging Money

When exercising the proper level of fiduciary responsibility, the goal is to leave no money on the table. Insuring that all bases have been covered and that all areas have been dealt with thoroughly and expeditiously is foremost.
If the debtor has it, you have to find it!! After all, its either yours or your client's money! The auditors need to be shown that you've done everything in your power to protect the client's / shareholder's asset. Documentation substantiating your actions is crucial.

Whatever your search requirement, TFC can quickly handle your need. TFC offers a full array of searches designed to save you time and money! or call 201-678-9088

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon!

Warm Regards,

Kevin Barton
TFC -Twenty First Century Associates

Phone: 615-217-0100
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