March 2007 Newsletter

What Would You Do With Your "Pot O' GOLD" ?
"It Could Be Right Under Yer' Nose"
March 2007
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The Leprechauns may be hiding their treasure, but our Pots O' Gold" could be right in front of us.

March signals the approach of Spring, St Patrick's day, the end of a quarter and new beginnings.

Its easy to get caught up in the daily routines of keeping the large "Pot O' Cash" upright, not having the time or man power to go back and retrieve what has spilled to the floor.

You can always go back and pick it up later, right? Well, as you have probably experienced, the longer we wait, the more difficult it is to get back around to it. When we do get to it we find that the cash is harder to find and pick up.

TFC is here to provide the needed balance to help keep your money in the pot! We can be as integrated with your operation as required. Remember our low flat rate fees are only payable if we collect.

Micro-Management Has a Negative Growth Effect on Business
Dont' Stifle the Creativity of Your Associates

When you stifle the creativity of your associates through micro-management practices then your company pays in lost profits. Nothing kills the spirit of your associates quicker than a boss or supervisor standing over every move that needs to be made each day. Give some space. Everyone needs breathing room. Don’t spend your day trying to see who you can catch goofing off at the water cooler. Statistics indicate that all of us need a break from the "grind".

Common Credit Card Scams
Credit Card Drain

COMMON CREDIT CARD SCAMS When in the market for a credit card, you need to do your homework before you even consider submitting an application for any type of offer. There are many different types of credit cards, all of which have different reward programs, rates and terms. This makes it very difficult to decide what card is best for your needs. In addition, there are card issuers that look to take advantage of consumers that are not familiar with credit cards or how they work. If you fall prey to one of these companies, you can be taken for quite a ride financially. Featured below is information detailing some of the more common scams companies use. If you can spot these tricks during your research, you can steer clear from the offending card offer/company!

Asset Searching, Employment Verifications, Estate Searches....
Its important, but "who" has the time??! Don't let your money be left hanging out to dry!! Be the Star You Are!

In a world where Sabanes-Oxley looms large, these are important aspects to deal with in a number of areas.
When exercising the proper level of fiduciary responsibility, the goal is to leave no money on the table. Insuring that all bases have been covered and that all areas have been dealt with thoroughly and expeditiously is foremost.
If the debtor has it, you have to find it!! After all, its either yours or your client's money! The auditors need to be shown that you've done everything in your power to protect the client's / shareholder's asset. Documentation substantiating your actions is crucial.

Whatever your search requirement, TFC can quickly handle your need. TFC offers a full array of searches designed to save you time and money! or call 201-678-9088

Seven Strategic Actions To Deal With Change And Uncertainty In Business And Life

Dealing with and handling change and uncertainty is one of the major challenges each of us faces in today’s world. And we face it in our business and personal lives. It can be said that change and uncertainty arrive together and that most people find it much more difficult to manage and endure ambiguity and waiting than to deal with changes as they happen. And, in my opinion, on thing is certain – each of us will face some type of change and uncertainty at multiple times during our life. So, what are some strategic actions we can take to deal with this change and uncertainty?

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon!

Warm Regards,

Kevin Barton
TFC -Twenty First Century Associates

Phone: 615-217-0100


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