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Chart Your Course for 2007!!
Consistent House Cleaning Makes Life Easy!
January 2007
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We're into 2007! Amazing.. time rockets by and then we'll be doing this again for 2008... now is the time to plan and manage in order to keep it simple throughout the year. Proper planning will help the finance area enjoy the holiday parties rather than the 9:00pm nights in the office to close out the year.

Keep the Faith and Keep Continual Control. Scrubbing the Numbers
Mark the course and keep your rudder straight!.

Consistent and continual management of the treasury processes makes corporate quality of life much better in the long run. So says Tim Reason, a senior writer for CFO. Imagine a life where there is no last quarter surge to prop up the balance sheet. No stretching the payables and blitzing the receivables to increase the cash position. Considering the time value of money, dollars left in the AR are worth less the longer they're in AR. The cash position graph suddenly is missing the traditional spikes with proper and consistent management of the treasury processes.

"To see what is in front of one's nose requires a constant struggle."
Early Warning Signs of Trouble Early Action May Stem Losses, Save Businesses
Eye chart

As credit quality comes under increasing pressure, management consultants specializing in turnaround and crisis management have a veritable catbird seat from which to gain hands-on insight into the signs and causes of underperforming and troubled companies and their remedies. One definition of an underperforming company is a business that is somewhere between a call from a past-due supplier and the steps of Bankruptcy Court. A more measurable definition is a business in which one or more of the following conditions exist:

Asset Searching, Employment Verifcations, Estate Searches....
Its important, but "who" has the time??! Don't let your money be left hanging out to dry!! Be the Star You Are!
Hanging Money

In a world where Sabannes-Oxley loomes large, these are important aspects to deal with in a number of areas.
When exercising the proper level of fiduciary responsibilty, the goal is to leave no money on the table. Insuring that all bases have been covered and that all areas have been dealt throughly and expeditiously is foremost.
If the debtor has it, you have to find it!! After all, its either yours or your client's money! The auditors need to be shown that you've done everything in your power to protect the client's / shareholder's asset. Documentation substantiating your actions is crucial.

Whatever your search requirement, TFC can quickly handle your need. TFC offers a full array of searches designed to save you time and money!
www.tfc-associates.com or call 201-678-9088

Days of Delinquency .. DSO not the only measue to track..
DSO is at a 10 Year Low in the U.S.

While finance chiefs and credit managers routinely consult "days sales outstanding" numbers to judge how efficient their companies' collection operations are, DSO tells only part of the story.The metric known as "days sales outstanding" (DSO), a gauge of credit-collection efficiency, is at a 10-year low for U.S. corporations—and that's good news. To many, a low DSO means that a company is collecting its outstanding receivables quickly, and a downward trend suggests that the credit-collections process has grown more efficient. But DSO scores don't tell the whole story.

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