February 2007 Newsletter

Attacking Those Troublesome Accounts Now
Can Make The Rest Of The Year All Downhill !!!!
February 2007
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February.. A COLD AND WINTRY MONTH, caused me to reflect that attacking troubled accounts is alot like skiing moguls. You're sprinting flat out down the longest, tallest, most uneven set of stadium risers imaginable, and at every step your feet drive into stony lumps and your knees and thighs are propelled toward your chest. The best mogul skiers are two halves of an improbable whole: a floating torso, stiff and tall, and legs that pump like pistons.

Its making it down intact that makes the trip exhilarating if not rewarding!

Financial managers must keep a similar floating, harmonic balance of finesse and attack in order to win the race.

The key is seeing, anticipating, taking appropriate action and eliminating obstacles before they're upon you!

TFC is here to assist you with maintaining your harmonic balance by either restoring or eliminating trying accounts from your course.

Make Sure Your Staff Has the Knowledge to Deflect a Train Wreck
Teach Them To Deal With Upset Customers
Train Wreck

1. It is cheaper to solve the problem. It costs six times more to obtain a new customer than it does to retain a current one. Keep the customers you have. (New research: it can cost up to ten times more!) 2. Realize complaints are good. Only 4% of upset customers complain. The other 96% simply leave and never come back. A complaint gives you the opportunity to resolve the situation. 3. Create a customer for life. When you solve a problem by meeting (or exceeding) expectations, you develop customer loyalty. (However, please donít go start problems, just so you can solve them and create loyal customers!)

Key Performance Indicators
You Can Improve Your Operation If You Can Measure the Key Variables

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are financial and non-financial metrics used to quantify objectives to reflect strategic performance of an organization. KPIs are used in Business Intelligence to assess the present state of the business and to prescribe a course of action. The act of monitoring KPIs in real- time is known as business activity monitoring. KPIs are frequently used to "value" difficult to measure activities such as the benefits of leadership development, engagement, service, and satisfaction. KPIs are typically tied to an organization's strategy (as exemplified through techniques such as the Balanced Scorecard).

Asset Searching, Employment Verifications, Estate Searches....
Its important, but "who" has the time??! Don't let your money be left hanging out to dry!! Be the Star You Are!

In a world where Sabanes-Oxley looms large, these are important aspects to deal with in a number of areas.
When exercising the proper level of fiduciary responsibility, the goal is to leave no money on the table. Insuring that all bases have been covered and that all areas have been dealt with thoroughly and expeditiously is foremost.
If the debtor has it, you have to find it!! After all, its either yours or your client's money! The auditors need to be shown that you've done everything in your power to protect the client's / shareholder's asset. Documentation substantiating your actions is crucial.

Whatever your search requirement, TFC can quickly handle your need. TFC offers a full array of searches designed to save you time and money!
www.tfc-associates.com or call 201-678-9088

The Myth of the $1 Million Retirement
Ignore the experts who say you'll need a vast sum to ever quit working. How much you need to retire is really entirely up to you.
Nest Egg

Social Security's in trouble. Pensions are biting the dust. America's savings rate is abominable. And every time you turn around, some pundit is warning that if you haven't already put aside some vast sum -- the number changes, but it's always immense -- then you have no hope of ever retiring. Feel like giving up? Don't.

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon!

Warm Regards,

Kevin Barton
TFC -Twenty First Century Associates

Phone: 615-217-0100


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