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Happy Holidays From TFC!!
December 2006
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The end of the year is upon us and we're now caught up in the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season!

It is a wonderful time of year when family and friends can come together and celebrate life and renewal together!

We at TFC are wishing that your holidays are happy, safe and memorable!

Thank you for being our friends!

Holiday Greetings from Cyberthieves
Online scam artists send e-cards to get unsuspecting users to click on links, disclose personal information, and download potentially dangerous software

`Tis the season to start receiving greeting cards, and a growing number of them, conveniently, will come via the Internet.

There's only one problem: Some of the e-mails saying that you have an e-greeting card from a friend or family member may instead be from a scam artist intent on obtaining your Social Security number, credit card data or even brokerage account information.

Technology Risk & How to Manage It -
What Business Am I In?
Charting a Course

Treasury is in the risk management business, a business that demands forward looking solutions to such questions as: - It is 10AM, where in the world my company's cash is located? - Should the company invest or borrow, when and in what currencies? - What is the company's global, after tax cost of funds or other costs associated with its banking network? Therefore, the last thing the treasurer needs to worry about is whether the types of business tools he or she is using to can supply them with the "horsepower" needed to answer the above.

Asset Searching, Employment Verifcations, Estate Searches....
Its important, but "who" has the time??! Don't let your money be left hanging out to dry!! Be the Star You Are!
Hanging Money

In a world where Sabannes-Oxley loomes large, these are important aspects to deal with in a number of areas.
When exercising the proper level of fiduciary responsibilty, the goal is to leave no money on the table. Insuring that all bases have been covered and that all areas have been dealt throughly and expeditiously is foremost.
If the debtor has it, you have to find it!! After all, its either yours or your client's money! The auditors need to be shown that you've done everything in your power to protect the client's / shareholder's asset. Documentation substantiating your actions is crucial.

Whatever your search requirement, TFC can quickly handle your need. TFC offers a full array of searches designed to save you time and money! or call 201-678-9088

Private Health Insurers' Roles To Expand As National Healthcare Costs Soar
New report examines drivers of trends reshaping health insurance business model

Governments around the world are looking to expand the role of private insurers as a source of funding the delivery of healthcare, according to a new report issued recently by PricewaterhouseCoopers. The report entitled "Healthy Choices: The Changing Role of the Health Insurer," forecasts that the threat to governments' fiscal objectives from rising public sector health expenditures will drive the expansion of private sector contributions, and this trend will reshape the health insurance business model globally.

Again we hope you have a great holiday!

Warm Regards,

Kevin Barton
TFC -Twenty First Century Associates

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